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Testimony from Stephen originally from Mishawaka Indiana USA, currently living in South Korea.


My experience with 3D Changsha Clinic was a great experience with great results.

Here’s my story: Before I was treated at the 3D clinic I discovered I had prostatitis. Back in February of 2015 I had symptoms of discharge and a slight swelling feeling around my groin and testicles.

Other symptoms I remember having started in 2013 with a sudden urgent need to urinate and after urinating there would be some leaking that would come out after I was finished. My symptoms of urgent need to urinate went away so I thought nothing about it other than the leaking drip I would experience from time to time after urinating.

At the beginning of 2015 when I first noticed discharge I went to a local urologist in Korea and they gave me the standard tests of urine samples, blood samples and a swab test to check if I had any infections and my test results all came up negative, and this was the case even though I saw discharge. In a state of desperation I went to different urologists in Korea to get a second opinion, even a third opinion. By two different urologists I was given doxyclycline. The doxycycline I took killed some of the pathogens I was infected with but not all of them. For a couple months after taking and finishing the doxycycline I felt ok until I noticed a burning irritation in my urethra again and it was at this moment I realized whatever pathogens I was infected with were not all gone otherwise I wouldn’t have those reoccurring symptoms.

I went to another local urology clinic in Korea and I was given an ultra sound and prostate exam and the urologist said I had prostatitis. I searched the internet for any resources and doctors who may have had any success getting rid of or treating prostatitis and eventually I came across the 3D clinic in China. At first when looking at the 3D clinics homepage I didn’t know what to think. I read the testimonies of different patients who had successful treatments with Dr. Lee and so I first contacted the 3D clinic by email and eventually called 3D Changsha Clinic from where I lived in South Korea.

I first spoke with Belinda over the phone and she was very helpful to answer my questions I had about the clinic and Dr.Li’s treatments. I took things a step further and asked Belinda for the names and emails of Dr. Lee’s former patients. I first spoke with John Kennedy by phone and he shared a lot about his success with his treatments, and I emailed five other former patients from different parts of the world, all who had good things to say about their treatments, telling me that I wouldn’t regret going to the 3D clinic, as I found this to be true. 

Back in 2008 I was infected with Chlamydia and was treated for it with regular western medicine. Back then it seemed that my Chlamydia was treated and taken care of. It never occurred to me during those years that I was walking around with other infectious bacteria in my prostate causing my prostate to become gradually more swollen and calcified. Even though I was negative on regular std tests pathogens were trapped inside the calcification I had.

Dr. Lee had me tested for Chlamydia, Cytomegalo Virus, Coxsackie virus, Herpes Simplex V 1 and Herpes Simplex V 2, and all of these had negative results for the IgM test.
 At the local Changsa hospital I took the blood test which resulted in me having Rubella Virus(IgG weak positive), Cytomegalo Virus(IgG weak positive) Bilirubin 23.4 normal range and High density Cholesterol 1.81. Dr. Lee said my cholesterol was a little high because of the doxycycline I was taking. What I had was Prostatitis, Prostate Calcification, Spermatocystis, and Varicocele(vericose vein on the left side).

My first visit at 3D Changsha Clinic was for 40 days. During my treatments I would collect samples of my urine and sometimes see particles and blood and old scar tissue excreting into my sample bottle. The old scar tissue would appear as little worms. The particles would appear as floating white clouds of powder that would settle to the bottom of the bottle.

During my six month recovery period I followed Dr. Lee’s instructions on taking the herbs and other vitamins needed to aid my recovery, For extra effort I continued taking samples of my urine to see how my recovery was progressing. I would see particles and a little old blood coming out.

Six months after my first set of treatments I had an ultrasound of my prostate to check my results and my prostate was back to normal volume with a little calcification of low density. Dr. Lee said the measurements of my prostate were much better, with the volume being normal range and the other measurements were smaller normal ranges. The meaning of my measurements indicated that there were no infections in my prostate, whereas if there were still infections my measurements would be much larger.

After eight months of recovery time I went back for a six day visit to do some unblocking of calcification. Dr. Lee will only let patients have stronger unblocking in his injections if he is sure there is no infection or pathogen, and he is very cautious about this and checks samples to make sure. During my return visit to 3D Changsha Clinic, Dr. Lee checked my prostate fluid and semen cultures and still found that my test results for any bacteria were still negative. The only bacteria present in my samples were normal bacteria such as staphlycoccus Epidermidis. Dr.Li checks the prostate fluid and semen because this method is more accurate for detecting pathogens compared to checking blood and urine.

My overall experience at the clinic was positive and Dr. Lee and Belinda were very accommodating and willing to answer any questions and I had a lot of questions, sometimes I must admit I asked so many questions. Dr. Lee and Belinda would go the extra mile to help all the patients get the care needed. Dr. Lee is very thorough and cautious with how he conducts his treatments and Belinda and Dr. Lee are very honest about everything involved in the treatment process.

I felt my rapport with Belinda and Dr. Lee was very good, and I felt easy to talk with both of them. I will recommend anyone with prostatitis to get treated at 3D Prostate clinic.


April 13th 2016 from South Korea


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