Patient Requirements

What are the Patient Requirements

The patient requirements include:

1) The patient should become familiar with the website information and develop an understanding of his condition and the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment process.

2) The patient should fully inform our doctors of his medical condition, obtain an appointment time from our doctors, and make his travel arraignments to visit our clinic in China.

3) The patient should have the time and money for the needed medical services and medical expenses.

4) The prostatitis patient should stop all other antibiotic treatment at least 2 weeks before coming to china for testing.

5) Bring any medical records relating to your illness and medical condition.

6) You will need a Chinese “Tourist Visa.” Make sure your passport is valid and will not expire during your planned travel time.

7) Ensure all correspondence with us are completed and travel dates confirmed so that we are ready and expecting you.  

8) The patient should be without serious mental disorder or illness, and be without AIDS. They should provide recent AIDS and Hepatitis ( A, B, and C ) inspection reports. It is very important that he fully inform Dr.Song of their medical condition before coming to China. Failure to do so may result in treatment refusal.

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