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FAQ (1) - About Patients

Who should receive 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment?What are the Patient Requirements?Do the patients who want to receive 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment have to travel to China ? Can I take antibiotics and other drugs before I go to China ? Does my partner need to be treated ? Are there any Items or requirements I need for treatment ?

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FAQ (2) - About Our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment

What is 3D Targeted injection? Are Targeted injections painful? Is the Targeted injection safe and are there side effects ? What are the advantages of 3D Targeted injections ? How many times will I receive Targeted injections during a treatment period of 2-4 weeks ? What Is the Daily Treatment Procedure ? Besides Targeted injections, is there any other treatment ?

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FAQ (3) - About the Treatment Time

How long will the whole 3D treatment process take ? If I do not have enough holidays, can I complete my treatment in several trips ? How long does each daily treatment take ? How long does it take to fully recover after treatment ?

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FAQ (4) - About Price and Payment- 3D prostate treatment

How much is the cost ? Should I bring all the money in cash ? Payment and Money Options. Will my medical insurance cover the cost of this treatment ? Will the expense of this treatment be tax deductible ?

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FAQ (5) - About a Visa and Accommodation  - Prostate Treatment

How do I get a China Visa, how do I book round-trip tickets to China ? Are Changsha and Xiangtan safe ? The Weather in Changsha and Xiangtan. How can I arrange accommodation? What about the cost? Are there high-speed Internet connections available in hotels so that I can do some work in China? What about the food ? 

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FAQ(6) - About Translation and Support Services

If you cannot speak Chinese, we will make a free translator available for you. Our translators have specific skills and the necessary medical terminology. Note: 1) The translation telephone support from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM for assistance for any daily needs. After-hours support 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM for emergency only. 2)Translator(s) will not provide any medical diagnoses or analysis opinions. 3) Translation travel escort service (sightseeing, etc.) will be based on availability of the translators, and will be charged the translation fee.

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