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FAQ (4) - About Price and Payment-3D prostate treatment

FAQ (4) - About Price and Payment

How much is the cost

Because of different disease condition, different treatment periods, and doctors’ different qualification, the medical cost will be different. You can email us directly for enquiries. Our e-mail address is prostatecure3d@gmail.com 

Payment and Money Options 

1) Payment in full before you begin treatment is not required. Within the 1st week of treatment 60% of the medical payment is due in cash. After the 2nd week of treatment 40% of the medical payment is due in cash. Any money you do not use in treatment or if your treatment is completed with an unused balance, the remaining money will be refunded to you. You only pay for what you use. 

2) Cash is accepted (USD or Pound or Euro or Chinese Yuan) for 3D treatment payments. International credit cards can not be used at our clinic, but you can use credit to pay for your accommodation at four or five star hotels, and withdrawl cash from ATMs.

3) Travelers Checks can be converted to Cash in China. 

4) Western Union transfer, you must have someone at your home location send you the money or you can send money to yourself before you leave. 

5) Bank Wire Transfer: We prefer you choose options 1 to 4. If you choose the bank wire option we will send you the account information. 

6) 3D treatment account payment Instructions for Online Payments and/or Wire Transfers: You can try your online banking website to setup the 3D treatment account for money transfers. However, you may be required to go to your local bank to setup your online bank account for online transfers to this account, since this is a China account. Once this is done, send a $50 or $100 test transfer to the account and notify us. Once we receive the money we will verify the connection with you. The money you send, less the fee, will be credited to your treatment cost. When you arrive in China, you can begin to transfer money for treatment. 

Please note: because of the rules of the Bank of China, you can only use private accounts to send money. If the company account to send money, the clinic may not receive the money.

Should I bring all the money in cash?

Yes,it will be better if you bring all the money in cash (US dollar, Euro, British Pound,or RMB, they are all ok).

If it is not convenient for you to bring all the money in cash, then you can bring a credit card, traveler’s cheques or you can wire the money for the treatment directly to the 3D Clinic’s account after arriving China. For bank transfers you will need to check with your local bank and make arrangements before traveling. You can contact the 3D Clinic to request bank account information.

Will my medical insurance cover the cost of this treatment?

If you have international medical insurance or global medical insurance, your treatment might be covered. Please check with your medical insurance company.

Will the expense of this treatment be tax deductible?

Please consult your tax attorney or accountant.

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