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Type 4—Serious Blockage and Calcification

Patient: David

Prostatitis Symptoms: frequent urination, urethritis, weak urine stream, pain in perineum area, testicle pain, epididymitis, infertility, and loss of energy for 6 years.

Other Previous Prostatitis Treatment: prolonged use of several kinds of antibiotics without success.

Our 3D Laboratory Testing: Corynebacterium, Chlamydia3, and mycoplasma.

Ultrasound Examination: a severe degree of prostate blockage and calcification, and seminal vesiculitis.

First round of 3D Prostatitis Treatment: after 30 days of treatment, all the pathogen tests turned to negative, prostate calcification reduced, sperm quality returned to normal (fertile), and symptoms greatly improved.

Second round of 3D Prostate Treatment: after 30 days of treatment, he discharged larger quantities of calcified particles.

After the second treatment, the patient finally gained a complete cure.

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