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Type 3 - Infection, Blockage and Calcification

Patient: Hathal

Prostatitis Symptoms: Frequent and urgent urination, urethritis,weak urine stream, pain in perineum area, pain in rectal area, testicle pain, epididymitis, pain in groin area, painful ejaculation, low sexual drive, and poor erection for 10 years.

Other Previous Prostatitis Treatment: He received oral antibiotic and herbal medicine treatments without success.

Our 3D Laboratory Testing: Staphylococcus aureus, corynebacterium, chlamydia, and fungus.

Ultrasound Examination: a moderate degree of prostate blockages and calcification.

First round of 3D Prostatitis Treatment: After 40 days of treatment all the pathogen tests turned negative. When he was rechecked by ultrasound his prostate blockage and prostate calcification were clear. All his symptoms disappeared.


2015-09-24 Admin