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3D Prostate Cure’s Enlarged Prostate Treatment Opened up New Avenue for Discourse

3D Prostate Cure’s Enlarged Prostate Treatment Opened up New Avenue for Discourse

Enlarged prostate is a condition which is common among aged people across the world. While a number of treatment methods exist, 3D Prostate targeted treatment by 3D Prostate Cure is showing new directions now.

3D Prostate Cure, a China-based research and treatment clinic that has come up with an innovative way to treat enlarged prostate and other types of prostate disorders, has opened up a new avenue for further discussion and research on prostate treatment. The owners of the 3D clinic said at a press conference that their 3D prostate targeted treatment is path-breaking in many ways. One of the representatives of the clinic said that the 3D prostate targeted treatment, which is non-invasive in nature, has significantly high success rate.

“Our 3D clinic runs under the leadership of Dr. Xinping Song, who has spent decades in research and has meticulously found out ways to battle the menace of enlarged prostate and other types of prostate diseases. The 3D prostate targeted treatment, which we are known for, is highly effective in treating various kinds of enlarged prostate conditions”, said the representative.

While providing a detailed explanation of the targeted prostate treatment which they offer, the clinic spokesperson said that they conduct a series of lab tests to establish the size, location and other aspects of the enlarged prostate lesion tissues. They said that they conduct Digital Rectal Examination as well as Trans Rectal Ultrasound Examination to determine certain things that are crucial for administering the treatment.

After determining certain things, we inject a number of herbal extracts that do not have side effects. “These herbal extracts also include anti-enlargement extracts, anti-infection extracts as well as anti-hyperplasia extracts. The pathogens that cause the condition are killed and the blockages are cleared in the next stage, and the enlarged prostate shrinks gradually and normalcy is restored”, the spokesperson told on behalf of the 3D clinic here in Beijing.

The spokesperson also expressed hope that the new way of treating enlarged prostate would open up new avenues for discourse and research. He said that Dr. Xinping Song would conduct a series of seminars and workshops abroad and in China to explain the finer details of the treatment procedure before the fraternity of physicians and researchers.

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