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3D Prostate Cure Clinic Completed Twenty Years in Treating Patients with Prostate Diseases

3D Prostate Cure Clinic Completed Twenty Years in Treating Patients with Prostate Diseases

3D Prostate Cure, a 3D urology clinic based in China, recently announced that they have completed twenty years of treating patients with prostate disease conditions.
USA, 17th July

3D Prostate Cure, a 3D urology clinic in China which was started about twenty years back by Dr. Xining Song, an eminent researcher and specialist in prostate diseases, recently completed two decades of serving its patients with repute. On behalf of the clinic, it was recently announced that they have finally been able to treat patients for more than 20 years. During this period, the clinic has earned rave reviews for making great advancements in research and Dr. Song, the founder, has been mentioned countless times in medical journals and news publications.

On the completion of 20 years of its service to the patients, the clinic recently released a press note and also quoted many of their patients who have benefitted through the treatment in the past. Dr. Xinping Song, who founded the clinic and is an eminent prostate disease researcher in China, also appeared at a press conference briefly to become witness to the historic moment.

One of the assistant to Dr. Song and a spokesperson of the 3D urology clinic said, “Serving patients with the best possible treatment solution has been our only motto since the last two years. Dr. Song’s works has garnered attention from all quarters of the fraternity of prostate specialists and medical researchers. He has also been able to make the treatment procedure as one of the leading alternative methods for treating prostate conditions. Today, we often get requests for appointment and treatment from abroad and this has been possible due to Dr. Song’s relentless research and good work”, said the executive.

The clinic spokesperson also told the press that they have broken down the entire process of making an appointment, getting diagnosed and treated and receiving post-treatment care to broken bones. “Whenever a patient contacts us, we take full responsibility of accommodation, transportation within city and third-party assessment. We know a single window policy helps our patients. Also, Dr. Song personally meets each and every patient as the ultimate objective of the clinic is to give good care to every patient”, he told the press.

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