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New Prostate Cancer Treatment Available in China

New Prostate Cancer Treatment Available in China

A revolutionary new technique for treating prostate cancer is now being offered by Dr. Xinping Song, a Chinese physician who specializes in this type of cancer. Unlike other types of surgery and treatment, it is minimally invasive and claims to have no adverse side effects.

only available in China, patients from all over the world have made the trip and are reporting positive results. The two 3D clinics are located in Xiangtan City and Changsha City, both in Hunan Province.

The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment consists of three components:

Determining Prostate Causative Conditions- This includes a full set of lab tests and a prostate examination

Destroying Prostate Causative Conditions- Tiny injections of targeted powerful treatment medicines are made directly into the prostate lesions tissue. These medications are made of herbal extracts, minimizing harmful side effects.
Developing Prostate Health Conditions- Prostate health is promoted by changing one’s diet and drinking a natural herbal tea that dramatically improves immunity, endocrine function, sexual function, and blood circulation. Guidance for better mental health and living habits is also provided, promoting long-term recovery.
“By using natural liposome carrier to directly transport the local injection treatment, which is similar to Chinese acupuncture, the natural herbal extracts with anti-cancerous effect to the core location of tumor lesions,” explained Dr. Song, who has been engaged in prostate disease researches and treatments for 28 years.
“This new prostate treatment can make the anti-cancerous effect and medicine efficacy confine to the prostate tumor cells and tissues, confining any effect on normal cells.”
John Kennedy, who traveled from Michigan to China for his treatment, claims he has made a full recovery from his prostate cancer. His initial PSA test was a 34; anything above 4.0 is generally cause for concern.
“This treatment saved my life,” said Kennedy. “My first MRI showed a cancerous lesion that was 16 x 10 mm, near the center of my prostate. The lesion was infected and bleeding. After six weeks of Dr. Song’s treatment at the 3D Clinic, the MRI showed no cancer lesion. The cancer lesion was gone.”
“In my opinion, this is the best non-surgical and non-radioactive treatment for prostate cancer. It is effective, safe and has no negative side effects.”
Barry Saunders traveled to the 3D clinic from Australia, where he had been scheduled for prostate surgery. After 21 treatments, he claims that his cancer is gone. “I’m very happy to have chosen this treatment,” he said. “It’s very convenient and I would recommend it.”

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