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New Prostate Cancer Treatment & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines Show Anticancer Activity

New Prostate Cancer Treatment & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines Show Anticancer Activity


Dr. Xinping Song’s 3D prostate treatment research findings show some Chinese herbal medicines target only cancer cells in Vitro Studies

Since the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC ancient Chinese Herbal medicines have been passed through generations. Many of these medications have been used to treat and alleviate symptoms of common sicknesses, however today many of the same herbal medicines show anti-cancer properties. Cancer is the overexpression of cells in different regions of the body; this results in tumor growth and can severely reduce the quality of life for the individual affected. Treatments for cancer can include a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, however, these methods often lead to adverse side effects that can remain for the rest of the individual’s life. With more research coming out about ancient Chinese herbal medicine the Dr. Xinping Song’s 3D prostate treatment based out of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic are looking at their pharmacology.

Some  Anticancer Chinese Herbal Medicines have been shown to be an effective treatment for cancer and of these medicines, those coming from herbs look the most promising. Recent research based out of the University of San Francisco medical center looked at twelve Chinese herbs and their effect on Cancers. Crude aqueous extracts were given in vitro testing to both cancerous and non-cancerous cells, the findings showed that all but three of the herbs attacked cancer cells only (Shoemaker et al. 2005). The mechanism at which 9 herb extracts were able to pinpoint and attack cancer cells specifically are not yet understood but show that there are explicit differences in either the regulation or composition of the cancerous cells.

Dr.Xinping Song’s 3D prostate clinics

Today Dr.Xinping Song’s 3D prostate clinics from China has been leading the way by treating prostate cancer with natural medicines. Dr Song’s 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment uses natural injections to target and kill only cancerous cells in the prostate. Researchers out of the Song lab also are looking into other techniques such as gene therapy and monoclonal antibodies to treat and eliminate only cancer cells. These methods have allowed the Song lab to kill off fewer non-cancerous cells and reducing the risk of harmful side effects.

Chinese herbs and specifically the secondary metabolites found in them look to be effective at destroying cancer cells. The methods at which they do so are still not understood but give medical researchers the hope that prostate and other cancer can be cured.

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