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Treatment Program

3D Prostate Targeted Treatment is not an ordinary treatment like traditional antibiotic injection, and oral and IV medicines treatments, etc. It is a specialized cured method. On the basis that the patient understands our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment, and our doctors understand the patient’s medical history.

1) Firstly, we identify the pathogens and locate the lesion sites by a full set of lab testing and examinations.

2) Then we Targeted injected a set of treatment medicines directly into the lesion site to kill the pathogens and pathological cell.

3) We also Targeted inject a set of unblocking medicines directly into the lesion site to clear blockages and calcification,and discharge toxic substances.

4) The last is the recovery and rehabilitation guidance.


We will set an appointment time for each patient. Every patient comes to the clinic for treatment at a certain time. Normally it takes about half an hour to do the whole process. Additional treatment (if needed) will vary in time. The translator will be there to do the medical translation during the whole process.

The doctor will ask you how your disease and physical condition are in previous day, analyze your condition and answer your questions. And then we will start the daily examination and treatment, our doctor will choose two different lesions sites to perform the Targeted injection. After treatment, you stay in the clinic and rest for a few minutes, and then you are free to go.

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