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Hello, my name is Pierre Martin and I am an Australian citizen. And I am 76 years old and I came away with my prostate condition about 18 months ago. It was first manifested itself by intermittent urination basically and I’ve had blockage starting from there. I consulted the clinics and doctors in Bangkok where I now live. Over the months, it was advised that my PSA reading was very high, and I had the ultrasound which showed my prostate was at least 3 times in size as it should be. So the normal progression and advice from doctor was the next step would be biopsy. If the biopsy shows positive, it follows by surgery, chemotherapy. At that point, I became very armed and I don’t like any kind of surgical intrusion into my body, so I began to look for all alternatives on the internet. And this is what I found the 3D Clinic, and began some real serious investigation into what they are doing and how they look at the video like what you are watching at moment from other patients, and got in contact with other patients, which of course brought me to the point, if you, any of you want to get to touch me, you could do so to contact the clinic, speaking to Alisa, the office manager, and I will give you my absolute permission, my email address or my WhatsApp number to getting into contact me directly. And I will give you my confirmation of the results of my treatment. I have finished my treatment today and this is my last day of treatment today. And the results so far in a short period of time have been, in my opinion, of course, the opinion of Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan really positive. So rather than trying to talk you about something that I really don’t know a lot, I am going to review the doctor’s evaluation from the beginning to the end. And you will see exactly what happens to me. Wait for me for 1 second, I will go through the disease history stating that I have suffered from prostate disease for many years. I need to re-evaluate this point that I just discovered it 18 months ago. But it’s obvious that I’ve had prostate problems for many years before that. The 2nd point which I want to make before I continue with is that a little effect in the western medical environment is that most obviously prostate problems or prostate cancers would be linked to viral infection which would have in my case for a long time. In my case, I have traced my viral infection that has been described as me having herpes simplex virus. According to my record condition, I probably contracted it 40 years ago. So I’ve been carrying this infection in my body for a long time. What has it created for me? It has created a certain ground for my prostate cancer to evolve and to grow. So this is very important point which I am now at the services of the 3D Clinic. The approach they were giving to me at the Hospital in Bangkok is to give specifically prostate problem, and only with the prostate problem. Here, the approach is they actually deal with the entire problem, they will deal with your infection and clean it as well as dealing with your cancer if you have one. And hopefully it is so clear and it is all-round treatment. It is obviously outstanding result that you can achieve. And my session, the treatment period that started on 14th October which was exactly 4 weeks ago. And today is 9 of November that is the last day. The diagnosis of my first day I came here we went through blood tests and I had 8 different blood tests done, I had a saliva swab, urine test, and MRI and all these came back to Dr. Song’s desk. His evaluation and diagnosis was 1. Prostate cancer that has had 2 tumors, the reasonally small one was on the bottom of the right side of the outer gland and a large one on the top on the left side, Prostate Cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Prostatitis, and Prostate Calcification, that was my case. And I’d venture to say, in a lot of cases, which would be in varying degrees, but pretty similar. In terms of the connection with viral infection for years before and the evolution of the cancer and the enlarged prostate and the present cancer, the examination results before treatment was 1. prostate fluid was got through Prostate Massage, and there found bacteria growth in its Culture and the main bacteria were E. Coli and Mycoplasm, which present in the prostate fluid. 2. The digital rectal examination: the doctor found very obvious swollen prostate, hard texture that would be calcification in the prostate, as well as 2 tumors that were hardened, which should be usually soft prostate, that is what we have talked about it, and there’re obvious tenderness, why the doctor said the tenderness is when he was actually touching my cancer, I felt pain or tenderness, so this is the reference for the tenderness; and very obvious tumors can be touched in the left gland and the right side of the outer gland and there’re obvious hyperplastic nodules in the inner gland around the bladder neck. That is why in my particular case that’s preventing me from being able to urinate freely, so that’s also taken care of some medicines which I will take in the next 6 months to get with the treatment I’ve had for 4 weeks. All that combine is ending at softening the calcification which is eliminating through urinating so that all the rubbish is going out on your daily basis, softening the cancer nodules and after finishing it will disappear and all that bad substances are also eliminating through urination. And slowly the actual size of the prostate itself will reduce dramatically back to normal size, but for the normal size of our age, that is when we get old we have the tendency of enlargement prostate anyway. So it was prostate fluid, digital rectal examination. 3. it’s abnormal blood examination results that the viruses contained in my body that were Herpes Simplex Virus Antibody IgG, my reading was quite high, so that means I have carried the viral infection for years and it has affected my energy level, I do know, because I can recall from the past. What it stunned to me was you know all of us here including yourself, you get up someday and you feel not right; and you get up the other day, you feel low energy, and you don’t know why, which reason it could be, like a permanent viral infection slowly eating your human being, and creating certain ground of potential cancer growth, so I want to make a point to this, it does not matter what age you are, I recommend you to do a blood test for yourself, even you are 25 or 30, get yourself blood tested and ask doctor to get the evaluation of any viral infection that you may have. If you have one at a young age, and get the viral infection treated, and then you know you try to get ready to something, you are young, it is ok, but as you get older, you become more prone for the viral infection to be the certain ground that can become cancer, probably prostate cancer. I give you some advice, if I know about it, I would do it 40 years ago, getting myself tested for any viral infection; and if there is any, get repaired, get cured, get fixed. So for the blood tests, I have had a little bit high blood sugar, but the herpes was the other thing. 4. The doctor here did a MRI examination. So the appointment made is that here if you mention the word-biopsy, everybody gets shock because it is something invasive which you don’t believe, and you will get an absolutely clear picture of the presence of potential cancer if MRI gives the clear picture of the location and this was what they did. And the results were they found a big tumor on the top left side of the prostate, 3x4x4cm, that was really big animal and a 0.9x0.7cm tumor on the right side with the swelling pelvic lymph nodes. That was basically the major points of diagnosis- two tumors two bottoms. So in the treatment, what happened to me in the last 4 weeks? The doctors say they spent 2 weeks to treat prostate bacterial infection through local injection and it took 4 weeks to treat prostate cancer nodules and calcification problem, that is the harden shell even in the prostate. Through local injection with the herbal extracts, also everyday, I had intravenous drip for 20 days to treat viruses and cancer cells. This is double winning, one is to treat the viruses, and the one is to treat cancer cells. 4 weeks of that, Conclusion, what’s my condition at the end of treatment, through the Digital Rectal Examination, my prostate volume has significantly reduced that is the size itself, but the texture mostly important, before it was calcified, hardened, there were tumors and tenderness, that was a mess, what’s happened, it becomes soft, and the tenderness is relieved. And I know, through the digital rectal examination, before when they touched the left and right side, I felt pain, but now I feel there is no pain. And why? It states and analyses 78% of the tumor nodules have become soft. That means they break down and they become soft that means they have been breaking down by all the medicines they have been injected and IV. And they have been infiltrating on daily basis. And then again we stay and be back at home with 6 months of a very powerful medicine specifically targeted on anti-cancer treatment. And this would be called the last harden blow into the cancer cells. They will quickly disappear and they will completely eliminate. That is not just my hope, it is the actual effect. And why do I know that? It is because behind this wall here, there are patients which are either early-stage or late-stage of the treatment like me. 100% of them, I will tell you this same story, feel fantastic compared with the day when they first came. They as well as I spoke to people that have been here for treatment 12 months, 24 months or people didn’t come yesterday but a long time ago, we have been keeping in touch through internet network and service with Alisa. And we have very gentlemen’s testimonials from these people that there is one only word to describe it “they have been cured”. This is not like a funny story, “they have been cured”. So take it as a will, call me or contact me or contact other people, you will get the same answer. Is it believable, it’s up to you; is it true, up to you. I am telling my story, and you make which decision you want to make. But you would be misguided, not to at least investigate. If you have a cancer of the prostate, investigate, that is, do your own research. And if you are satisfied, then you make your decision. But that’s my story. Obviously we talk about the miracle here after the records of the examination. 78% of the tumor nodules have become soft. However, the residual contour and shell can still be obviously touched, so there is still a shell, the difference is now it is soft. And it is absolutely prone to break down and further eliminate. In my case, the BPH which makes my prostate enlarge as well as the nodule which is the core between my bladder and prostate will also dissolve and be broken down by time. This is my particular problem, I have problems with urination, I am ok during the day but I have problems with urination at night. He has explained why, and I am satisfied with that explanation. And I will be much improved in the next 1 to 2 months. Believe me, this is a really important to me. What important to me is my viral infection and most importantly my cancer, because you know the cancer can kill you eventually. I will not die, I will not. That is a lucky and special place in the world for me to find Dr. Song and this clinic. The other thing I want to say right now to be welcome as far as very very caring and nurturing environment here. You will not find any place, I have been to many clinics you will not find any other clinics anywhere that is less boring and more patient-focused that right here. They will treat you like your son, your father, your brother like a member of the family. And that is true, this is not marketing bullshit, it is true. And that is nicer to making a great difference. If you come over from all over the world for the treatment, people don’t speak English, and you feel isolated, most of time you are alone. It is very important to feel this kind of warm support. I am much appreciated. Many blockages and calcifications are discharged, we talked about the calcification, we talked about all the rubbish being dissolved from cancer cells through the urine during the treatment, which also includes the next 3 months, because I am still under treatment, I am not going back home like a total repaired, no, I am still under treatment in the next 6 weeks. I am expecting for all the debris and rubbish dissolve slowly. At the end treatment, my symptoms, spirit, and overall condition get obvious improvement. And also the recommendation, no alcohol, no stimulant foods or drinks in the next three months, I will pass that, I will finish it. Alisa why don’t you cut that, a beautiful smiling face, and I will tell you that I was very nervous like all of the people here about some sort of Chinese doctors in the middle and end of the world being able to repair the problems that supposedly the western medicines at the tip of technological know-how achievement. It defies the logic, it defies the western logic. This is ridiculous. We have best doctors.   








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