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I am Chris Stokes, 64 years old, Australia and I just finish my treatment at 3D Prostate Clinic. I had prostate cancer which was diagnosed in April 2017. And I had radical prostatectomy that my prostate removed in June 2017. When they cut my prostate, they found the cancer had already started to come out of the prostate. When my PSA decreased to 0, the prostate was removed. It went to zero after 3 months the operation was done, and then it started to increase again that meant the cancer come back again. I had another PSMA PET scan that showed the cancer metastasized in the tailbone, and the treatment for that was radiation treatment for 6 weeks which made PSA go back to 0 temporarily. And about sometime in 2019, but the cancer came back and the PSA showed that. And I did another PSMA scan that showed the cancer spread to my spine in 3 different places as well as tailbone. Shortly after that, I come to China to go through the prostate treatment. And why I found out it is that my friend was there for prostate cancer treatment in a previous month which was pretty successful for him. So I’m confident in his direction and I took the plunge to come to China and try to do it for 6 weeks. When I got here, I was not feeling too good as promising my doctor did by now. My treatment experience is that these guys always find out the cause of cancer and have it treated that Dr. Song has been for a long time, 30 years. And the treatment itself does hurt but it is painful, a lot of pains like prostatectomy I have had before. So my experience here is that these guys know what they are doing and treat it as expected. When you have treatment, you get to talk to doctors; they evaluate you every day before your treatment. The credits look very ordinary but these guys know what they are doing. And this evaluation is to talk to other people that are very clear. Here you talk to other people who have been treated, and then you will find their experience is positive and everyone is excellent. I wish I had not had prostatectomy and radiation treatment, I should have come here instead of wasting time I have had before. This is 6-week that I have spent here. I hope this can help someone else. This is Chris.



2020-02-17 Admin