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Age 59 as of 2019.

30/ 11 /2019




Greetings to all men worldwide who have some serious prostrate issues.

My Disease history is a little complicated and extends back 11 years now, to 2008.

Some may say an extraordinary and perhaps a special case.

  1. 11 Years ago I was bitten by a deadly Taipan snake, a killer, which inhabits Eastern Australia. After being bitten 3 and a half times managed to escape, although at the time did not know I had been bitten at all apart from some blood running down my leg.


  2. Here begins the journey of to hell and back.


  3. The ambulance arrived about 20 minutes after the event. I had wrapped my leg in bandages, pressure wrapped down to the bite site in order to immobilize it and potentially slow the venom. What I did not know at that time was the snake had hit an artery passing poison through my body immediately.


  4. I got away from this snake wrapped my leg drove away from the bit site. Then waited for an ambulance to arrive. Sitting quietly my heart had risen to around 240 beats per minute. I was thinking this is a bit high, I began to slow this to about 180 per minute. Not fully understanding this seriousness I just waited quietly. Had the person I called, not called an ambulance I would have been another statistic very shortly afterwards.


  5. Eventually arriving by ambulance and laying upon the table in the hospital. The nursed are getting me prepped for emergency organ failure. During this time they were asking me questions about events, like what had bitten me. I did not identify the snake properly. They took a sample, trouble is this takes 40 minutes to identify and I did not have 40 minutes left.


  6. Around 36 minutes I could not open my eyes any longer. My throat was beginning to swell up. At 43 minutes as the nurse called out the time. She had placed a small sucker in my mouth, a bit like a dentist vacuum suction tube. I had began throwing up involuntary by this time, each time the contractions were like a crushing on the lungs squeezing all air from them.


  7. Problem is that each contraction left fluid in the throat which could not cough up. No air left.  I grabbed this sucker and straightened it up to begin attempting to reach this fluid .After two and half minuets holding my breath, which had become not important, everything was like going into a deep sleep as the body was shutting down finally leaving the brain still actively supporting life, but dying slowly through the starvation of vital energy’s like oxygen. At 47 minutes it was all over.


  8. The nurse said lay back I will take care of it, I did, then out like a light. Strait into a coma. By that time the Helicopter medics to emergency Evac to the Cairns base hospital took over, while I was ventilated by breathing tube all manner of intravenous tubes injected into my arms legs anywhere they could. I was chopped to Cairns. Each and every second was coming down to the last one on this Earth plane.


  9. However on the way down, my heart gave up two times. They had to defibrillate two times. A further 24 hours and after 4 pots of antivenom, they elected to wake me from this coma. That is where all the grief began during this time for the next 11 years to cancer full blown. If you have never had two jump starts then you would not know that it is like someone jumping on your chest for days leaving you to battle to breathe normally until the bruising goes down.


  10. It took over 4 years of hard work to return to some normalcy of living life. At present I still have nerve damage, mussel damage, memory trouble, short term, although I have a photographic memory.  First two years could not read or write at all, or think for that matter, even though I was looking after myself as best I could. I would get lost on the way into town to pick up supplies every time. I would be driving then wonder where, Am I going.  Are well, I’ll find out when I get there. It was like this very day for two years. 


  11. During this time I had noticed my prostrate was not feeling the same. Each time I would go to the doctors and ask what is wrong and why. I had this feeling something was amiss. No tests revealed any problems. No problems were revealed due to the standard size tests, of one size fits all. One size fits all means that if it is not the common garden variety of typical infections of the bladder they say nothing found, go home and perhaps take some pills to kill any pain or antibiotics.


  12.  Un-be-it known, I had been inadvertently injected by the cathada at the hospital that had a bit of golden Staph on it,( This was identified by Dr. Song the first couple hours of my arrival) which was directly inserted into the bladder to help save my life but with a great cost for later on.


  13. All was relatively ok until about 2016. I had been having a bowl ulceration happen periodically causing bloody stools and severe pains. This was also masking a straining of the prostrate organ during ejaculation. This straining was building up more in frequency. I did manage to find a good herbal remedy to help, but not cure this problem.


  14. Over time I was having some colonoscopy’s to see what bowl problem was going on? Problem is when the give you the goo to clean out the bowls all problems would cease.


  15. Later on I identified a couple bowl parasites through my own searching. One turned out to be Blood parasites, Currently Western Medical say unknown, plus Blastocillus Homminius. It took a year of searching to find out the remedy to fix up these parasites. Initially the bowl problem went away, however later on I had some further developments, which turned out that the Blastocillus Homminius was still prevalent. I had visited a Melbourne clinic who recommended two very strong antibiotics to kill of the Blastocillus Homminius. It appears to have worked.


  16. During this time I had been having further symptoms of bladder infections I had been seeing my herbalist in Australia and with the remedy’s we were keeping it under check. The problem was worsening and a visit to the local Doctor and further testing revealed a high PSA reading.  Beginning at .9 normal to 32 to 57 to 72 and up higher 172.The Doctor sent me for MRI and Urologist testing. He just said you have cancer and we will use surgery, Nuke it, or chemo the life from you.


  17. I refused all these treatments, especially a biopsy, which they were pushing for immediately. After reading about how many biopsies are botched, plus they inject shit directly into an already compromised prostrate, plus causing irreversible scar tissue, which cannot heal, there only option is to remove this dead organ in its entirety.



  18. I rejected the Western Doctors, You will only get the pearly gates if you trust in us to do it for you. Well I took back my power, walked out off death row in the hospital, never went back.


  19. The last time there were 80 plus daily, guys all on death row daily, waiting for the end. In just two years, or less, if they are very lucky, and the grave is calling shortly after that. Isolated and destroyed they just become another statistic of, We got it, to be left to die horribly.


  20. Without dignity, without being whole inside, without any personal energy and nothing of anything left to fight any cancer, which is consuming them.


  21. However I was not uniformed and had done much research during those 3 years to become informed of barbaric procedures, side effects and problems left over from any potential Western medical intervention.  







How I found the clinic site.

  1. During this time I had found many snake oil salesman, selling cures all across the world. One day however I came across A China web page, The 3D Prostrate Clinic, who said they check for pathogens first, then offer an individualized treatment with a very high success rate.


  2. After checking world statistics the over wester medical system boasts just a 2 percent success rate. Compared with the China success rate, which is much higher. Any doctor who I spoke to tried in vain to put them down, saying they are charlatans who sell the pie in the sky cures.


  3. Well the Chinese Herbalists & Doctors have been around for at least 15,000 years with investigation of remedies across the known world .Today China is leading the field in medicine whether it be herbal remedies, or pharmaceutical drugs. They use all at their disposal to effect cures daily, especially having at least 1.4 billion people to maintain in good health.



  4. This interested my curiosity by a high degree, so much so I initially contacted the 3D Prostrate Clinic by email. After a couple emails I began booking my initial trip. Being stressed out from the cancer, which by now giving me a load of grief, managed to obtain the funding to support my trip. I booked my trip on deaths door step. As it was the original diagnosis was terminal stage 4, weeks to live, if that.


  5. Just prior to my heading to China I was taking many herbal concoctions in order to become well enough to get on a plane to travel. I just made it. Any further delay would have finished me. As it was, I had prepared my last Will and gave instructions of what to do in the event of my death.



  6. I met up with Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan first day to discuss the treatment. They began immediately. These two humble gentlemen are the most serious, dedicated informed medical Doctors, who I am having the highest respect for their treatment knowledge, and administrations of medications. There pathogen identification the best in the world, of which China has many known, and are easily identifiable through the testing procedures here at the Clinic.


  7. I value Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan, so much, that they are now, I consider humbly they both to be my personal Doctors, Mentors and Advisers in my healthy recovery. This rarely happens in Western medical field now.


  1. Note: this treatment is not for the feint hearted. Some grief will be experienced during the treatment. It is for a strong minded individual to get through this treatment to come out the other side in a better place. It is all part of the healing process. If you really wish to heal fully and in one piece then this 3 D Clinic is the place to be.

First treatment in May 2019.

  1. After just 3 days of injections I noticed a slight difference to my overall pain levels. Pressure had to begin to lessen. Daily injections which, are not for the feint hearted  but are less than the cancer pains , were progressing daily to a point that 3 weeks into the initial treatment I begin to have nerve disconnects. During the cancer growth I had nervous electrician shocks which were actual cancer growing. Now it was beginning to reverse.


  2. After 6 weeks I was feeling very tired, but mostly pain free. The cancer had been dying off daily I had noticed some pimple like boils arise on my skin. When the skin would break, a black glutinous thread would be in the center of the boil. This would take 3 weeks to grow to the surface of the skin then   heal complete to normal skin again. I had small hard pimples appear across my back, which were toxins that had to come out.



  3. After about 6 weeks after return to Australia I noticed some bladder discomfort. I contacted the clinic to advice of this, and was advised to obtain some antibiotics to help knock out an infection.




  1. This course of antibiotics were ineffectual.  If anything the antibiotics sent the body into a serious state of worsening conditions. Problem now began to take over the bowl and bladder function to a point that I was failing to function normally each day.


  2. After 5 months I had gotten to a point of no return, I made further arrangements to return to the Clinic for further treatment. During the build up to leaving Australia I went from having to use a cathada one a week to two time week to one time a day to two time a day to almost daily. Some times more. Blood clots were blocking up the urethra at very odd times. The cathada would break through the bold clots. This would allow for normal urination to return.



  3. Very Glad I returned to the clinic.  A serious problem had arisen.  A further tumor in the bowl. This tumor had closed the bowl by 3/4s to a point that a backlog of facial mater was clogging up my body.  Even using coffee enemas daily sometimes 3 a day to help clear the back log.  During my initial recovery the bowl had tumors, which had died off, but the flesh had not finished healing. A new tumor had developed.


  4. Due to the back log, the bacteria had developed again. I now had two infections plus a new tumor. Another problem was in the bladder, the infection had developed by the bacteria crossing from the weakened flesh from the bowl through tissue into the prostrate and bladder. A BPH problem was also in the making to a point of bladder pressure causing the nerves to my legs to be pinched. Trouble walking each day was becoming a big problem.



  5. After just testing of 1 day all this was revealed. Medications were injected day 1. After a week of injections plus some medicine to help shrink the prostrate I had to begin urination to some normalcy once again.  Some bloody bits came from the bladder, passed out through urination of the dead infection. After 4 weeks of further treatment, the tumor has shrunk to near normal skin size in the bowl. Bladder has begun to shrink as well, to allow for normal urination, plus I am practically pain free once again, returning to normal.


  6. As It has been explained to me, the initial snake bite had left uncontrolled toxins in my body especially around the waste exit points. This has caused this abnormal growth in the second tumor site, plus the prostrate abnormal growth, which had crushed into the bladder to half its original size. This is now in reverse.



  7. The Clinic has once again brought me back from deaths door step to recovery once again.  Medications are now beginning to extract the toxins from my body, which had been the under lying cause of the secondary growth, plus the tumor, which had grown in just 5 months to a point of beginning to take me to deaths door step once again. In a few more months I will be once again fully cured from this grief and restored to full health.


  8. In order to heal properly, it is a most necessary thing to detox after the cancer has died off due to this marvelous treatment. Your poor Liver- Kidney will be needing all the help it can get from you. Changed eating habits are recommended. Sweating in saunas helps. In fact anything you can do to get the black glutinous crud from within your body will help.


  9. Some of you may doubt my story, however I am now living proof that the treatment on offer by the 3D Prostrate clinic works. I have cheated the grim reaper two times, just from cancer now, and expect to recover fully physically and live well into the future without side effects of debilating Western medical practices.


  1. To arrive here you will need some suitable money transfer service I have set up and use XEMONEY transfer.  Open an account. First send $100 to test arrangements work. It does not cost any fees. It works very quickly and is pain free once set up properly.

  2. To obtain a visa you will have to book ticket return, plus pay extra for making changes if you have to do so even if an additional fee is charged. If left off, then can cost upwards of $1000 to make changes.

  3. I opened up a HSBC bank account prior to my first trip over. It makes it far easier to obtain funds while in China. I informed HSBC I would be visiting China to smooth any withdrawls.

  4. You will need some business card holder. To travel around you will need to use cards obtained from individual places so you can return by cab by showing them the card. Write on them what place they are, so you can recognize each place. Bring some holder to store them.

  5. Check weather conditions before you come over for packing hot or cold clothing with Alisa at the clinic.

  6. Cash talks to everyone here to use daily basis. It can be withdrawn from teller machine easily

  7. Comfort Inn Hotel across road is comfortable and is cleaned daily. The hotel requires payment a week in advance no matter what. First day until you obtain some local UAN is ok after Alisa explains to them this first.

  8. You will not have much time in-between recovery daily, so rest up as much you can, but remain active walking around the place to keep some fitness up. They have many services here so ask Alisa which ones you can go to.


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