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Hello, I am not good at memory, so I put it down on the notes. I will read it to you and tell you regarding my experience of 3D Urology.


My name is Akira Ling and I come from Singapore. I am a retiree and around the beginning of 2018 I went for a full medical check up and discovered my psa reading was 6. I was advised to see a Urologist and the doctor examined me and said that my prostate is enlarged. I have frequent urination at night since young. Immediately, the urologist recommended that I go for the biopsy. I know this is very invasive treatment, so I searched online to see if I have other options. I then came across Dr Song’s 3D Urology treatment. It is a new technique for treating prostate cancer.


Meanwhile, I choose to go for watch waiting and within a short span of only one and half years, my psa spiked to 10. Again, the only thing the Urologist suggested was the same approach, that is, involving biopsy. In line with my better understanding of how risky this invasive surgery were, I opt for the MRI examination instead. Therefore, in 2019 around August, I underwent MRI exam and the result of which does not seemed impressive. I brought the attention of my result to Dr Song’s assistance, Ms Alisa who has been communicating with me all this while. Dr Song efficiently analysed my result and suggested that I go over for treatment due to the fact that I have large range of lesion. Dr Song analysed that because the size of my prostate is not large, if the lesion continues to develop and is not treated in time, it is easy to break through the surrounding areas. My situation is not suitable for surgery and I will need repeated radiotherapy and chemotherapy which will bring a lot of side effects. Once I stop the treatment, it will easily relapse.


I didn’t want my condition to go untreated and since by then I have read a lot more about 3D Urology, and without much hesitation, I plan to come over to China to seek treatment. I have no symptoms whatsoever besides frequent urination at night. But based on Dr Song’s comprehensive analysis, I am confident and felt that Dr Song is the doctor I wanted to entrust and I felt strongly that I’d have a good outcome with him. I feel very certain that only here in 3D Urology that was able to offer something the other places in the world cannot offer i.e. the injection of herbs into the prostate direct without any surgery and most importantly without any side effect.


I come over on the 2nd Oct 2019 and on the 2nd day, accompanied by Ms Alisa, I went to the hospital for blood testing and ultrasounds examination. Later, I met up with Dr Song. In order to properly analyse my condition, Dr Song asked a long list of questionnaires (with the help of Dr Ivan assisting with the interpreting) prior to administering the first 2 injections into the prostate gland. He guided the needle into the prostate to inject herbs over the course of 5 weeks.

I was also to undergo iv drips for 3 more viruses found in my blood test. I must say that i am impressed with the blood test here which is thorough definitely. During treatment, Dr Song listened patiently and exhibited the confidence and expertise necessary to treat my prostate problem.


I’m proud I have been under the care of Dr Song. The needles are so thin that it does not cause pain at all. For my case after a couple of weeks, the tumour began to soften so that any classifications I have will easily be discharged by way of urination. I cannot adequately thank Dr Song for everything he did for my treatment and his attention from beginning to end is amazing and exceptional. I can vouch for the fact that Dr Song’s abilities are unmatched. I am exceedingly satisfied with his professionalism and commitment to excellent treatment care and also for taking extra time to methodically and accurately diagnose my prostate problem. Thanks for the high quality care and for being so compassionate.


It is important to mention Dr Ivan here. He speaks English and it really helps a lot. He is real professional and very thorough. He is courteous, kind and friendly, thus making my visit as comfortable as it possibly could. After a couple of weeks he translated that my tumour softened and have shrunk 50%. As days go by it has shrunk further. Now here I am, I feel really refreshed, relieved and energetic. As my tumour is on the top upper end of the prostate it has got nothing to do with my frequent urination at night. My urination could be due to ADH, that is, antidiuretic hormone, which I am told to have it checked when I return back home.


Ms Alisa is a nice lady who organizes everything for you from beginning to the end. She is smart and kind. Her personal attention and kindness shown was marvellous. A special thanks to Ms Alisa. I am extremely please with the way she handles everything here.

Ms Cindy takes good care of all patients by administering iv drops etc...She is really wonderful and careful with her work.


I would like to say thank you to all staffs here.


I also appreciate the cleanliness of this clinic and the atmosphere around.


Frankly, in my personal opinion, this is the best, most effective and safe non-surgical treatment for prostate cancer.


I truly don’t know what would have happened to me, what I would do after getting my MRI report before I came here if I do not know about this 3D Urology clinic. Therefore, to my fellow people in Singapore and to all people in this world, if you have not heard about 3D Urology, you are welcome to contact me via Dr Song’s clinic, or you can go to the website to read everything you want to know about this fantastic clinic. I have also to add that not only does this clinic treat prostate cancer, 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment also treat various types of enlarged prostate and people suffering from Prostatitis.


To Google it, just type 3D urology....


Thank you        

2020-02-17 Admin