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I am Moustafa Swaidan from Panama Beach, Florida, USA. I had urinary retention 10 years ago, I saw multiple urologists about this matter, most of them told me I need a surgery, but I didn’t really want to do this surgery, but trying every supplement on the market, nothing helped.

After that, I started to doing research about alternative ways. I came across a small add on the internet for a non-surgical procedure, a prostate with injections. It means that’s what I am looking for. I have to come to China, that’s no problem for me.

And Dr. Ivan is doing treatment for me. I know even though he is a young doctor, but highly skilled, all his training is by the best Urologist Dr. Song. The clinic is clean. It is very professional. I can see the results from the treatment now and I should fully recover a year from now. I am happy so happy I find this place, this is a life change. I recommend anyone who has prostate problem to find this Clinic.

2016-12-06 Admin