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Type 10 - Lucky Patient

Patient: Nikola, Male, 36 years old.

Nikola had urethra pain and itching, right epididymis pain, discomfort in his abdomen and anus in 2000. He was diagnosed with prostatitis in the hospital. The medications he took were Azithromycin, Roxithromycin, Urispas, and Qianliekang (antispasmodic); they did not work. After 3 months his sexual function decreased. Introduced to us by his friend, he came to Changsha, China to receive our 3D Urology and 3D Prostatitis Treatment. He tested positive for Chlamydia and Candida Albicans. After 20 days of 3D Urology and 3D Prostatitis Treatment all his symptoms disappeared. Upon our recommendation he continued the treatment for an additional 10 days to assure his successful results. Afterwards, all his test results were normal. His partner also received our 3D Treatment at the same time. He is still fine and doing well now.

2015-09-29 Admin