Other Prostatitis Treatmentss

Other Prostatitis Treatments

The current treatments available for chronic prostatitis are not effective. These include:

1) Oral & IV Antibiotics: 

There is a thin capsule that covers the prostate. When an infection occurs, it is not uncommon for pus and calculus to develop as a result of the infection. Also, patients develop blockages, calcification, and reduced blood circulation in these areas. Oral and IV antibiotics, and herbal medicines, etc. cannot pass through the capsule and enter into the pus and calculus. Even when the best medicines are chosen, they are only able to control some of the inflammation temporarily. The medicine cannot remove the focus of the disease. Once the pathogens encounter stimulus and decreased immune function, the inflammation will relapse. To cure prostatitis completely the focus must be removed. Oral and IV antibiotics will have some limited effect for prostatitis patients who do not have blockages and calcification. For patients with blockages and calcification, oral and IV medicine cannot penetrate into the prostate or infected areas. Thus, only applying oral and IV antibiotics will not work. In addition, long-term use of antibiotics will damage the liver, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. They will also cause antibiotic resistance, loss of normal bacterial flora balance, and increase the chances of endogenous infection.

2) Urethral Filling

Urethral filling alone is not an effective treatment for prostatitis patients. It is not effective for treating inflammation in the seminal vesicles, urethra, and epididymis.

3) Prostate Massage: 

Prostate massage can be a helpful treatment to prevent blocking of the prostate, if it is done correctly. It will not work for patients who already have blockage and calcification. It cannot eradicate pathogens so it only can be used as a secondary treatment.

4) Physical Therapy: 

Physical therapy can help to relieve symptoms temporarily by improving local blood circulation. However, once the treatment is stopped the symptoms will return. These techniques do not have any effect on unblocking the prostate.

5) Surgical Therapy: 

We are against any forms of surgical therapy. Surgery for genitourinary infection, prostatitis, and epididymitis will make the condition worse. It will just bring the patient more pain and suffering, and cause damage and scaring. Once the prostate, tubes, and glands have been cut, it is unlikely our medicine will flow into the infected areas.


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