Other Treatment Methods Cannot Treat Blockage and Calcification

Other prostatitis treatments methods can not kill pathogens, not clear blockage and calcification,and not cure prostatitis patients that already formed blockage and calcification.

There are lots of different conventional treatment methods and medications for prostatitis. Most of doctors do not pay much attention to the lab testing. Even in some medical organizations they run some lab tests, because of the incomprehensive and inaccurate test methods, most of doctors cannot find the root cause of the disease(causative pathogens and blockage and calcification. Blind use of antibiotics normally result in treatment failure, side effects of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and increase the chances of endogenous infection.

Because of the special structure of prostate, it is covered by a thin vascular fibrous sheath, also because the purulent core is cover with a layer of lipoprotein gelatinous, the blood circulation in the calcified areas is pretty hard , oral and IV antibiotics and medications cannot penetrate through the sheath and the barrier, cannot enter the purulent core and calcification inside to kill the pathogens, break down and discharge the residues, to cure the disease. That’s also why prostatitis patients that already formed blockage and calcification often have relapse after stopped conventional treatments. Sometimes, some medicine (Saw palmetto, and some herbal medicine) and physical therapies, they may work on prostate enlargement, and improve the patients’ symptoms temporarily. But they can not do anything against pathogens, blockage and calcification. Because they can not eliminate pathogens and clear blockage and calcification, symptoms will return once the patient stopped them. Because the blockages and calcification will keep progressing, the patient’s symptoms may get worse after he stopped the medicine.

Transurethral interventional fusion and surgery can remove some blockage and calcification near the operation site, and temporarily improve or eliminate symptoms. They can not do anything against other blockage and calcification which deeply located in the prostate and other part of urogenital tracts, and patients will have relapse soon. These treatments will just bring the patient more pain and suffering, and cause damage and scaring. Patients should avoid these treatments. 

2015-10-06 Admin