3D Targeted Treatment

3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Time and Effectiveness

Because patients have different durations (lengths of sickness) and different prostate problems (pathogens, blockage,calcification, enlargment, hyperplasia, nodules, cysts, and cancer etc.), treatment time for each patient is different. In order to fully restore one’s health other factors, such as, immunity, other diseases, psychological conditions, living habits, nature of work, and economic status, etc, must be considered.

If a patient has a long history of prostate sickness, has overused medicines,has significant blockage and enlargment, and has a poor overall health, then treatment will be more difficult. If a patient has a short history of prostate sickness, has not overused medicines,does not have significant blockage and enlargment,and has a good overall health, the treatment will be less difficult.

For the majority of prostate disease patients, we recommend that you make arrangements to come to our Clinics in China for a period of 2-6 weeks 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. 1-2 Weeks course of 3D Targeted Treatment is suitable for a simple prostate disease conditions. 2-4 Weeks course of 3D Targeted Treatment is suitable for non-complex prostate disease conditions. 4-6 Weeks course of 3D Targeted Treatment is suitable for complex prostate disease conditions. 6 Weeks and/or more course is suitable for very complex prostate disease conditions.

At present, the majority of patients in our clinics can be reduced to 4 weeks or less treatment. Within 1-2 weeks of treatment, the majority of patients can receive a significant effect.

3D Prostate Targeted Treatment for treating prostatitis and an enlarged prostate and complications, the success rate is 95%. And for treating prostate cancer, the effective rate is more than 95%.

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