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3D Treatment for Virus Infection

Viral Infection Hazards

Some Some viruses like Cytomegalovirus and Rubella virus can infect a fetus through the placenta and cause congenital infection, a dead fetus, abortion, premature delivery, and congenital malformation. Most of research proves that some viral infections have a relationship with the occurrence of tumors, for example, nasopharyngeal carcinoma has a relationship with the EB virus, primary liver cancer with the viral infection Hepatitis B, and cervical cancer with the herpes simplex virus. Currently, there is evidence that indicates a close relation between some chronic diseases and viral infection, such as diabetes type II, some cardiac diseases, etc. Viral infection can be transmitted through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, mucosa of the skin, genital and urinary organs, and placenta.

Some types of viruses can cause prostate diseases, genitourinary infection, cause the prostatic specific antigen (PSA) levels to rise and may have a close relationship with prostate cancer, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Coxsackie Virus (CSV),  Adenovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV),etc. Viruses can weaken the body’s immunity, and easily lead to other pathogenic infection. Some viruses can damage the urogenital organs directly, and may result in cancer.

3D Treatment for Viral infection

At present, viral infection (disease) lacks specific treatment. 3D Urology Clinics have invented a treatment process which is like a cocktail therapy. This treatment is effective against common viral infection diseases including latent infection, apparent infection, silent infection and chronic infection. If a virus is detected in the full set of lab. tests, we will recommend that the patient receives 15-20 days’ antiviral treatment. The patient will have an intravenous drip once a day which takes about two hours a day. This treatment can make the IgM antibody, or even IgG antibody of the virus turn to negative, ensuring this virus would not do harm to the patient’s immunity again. Our effective rate in treating these viruses is over 90%.


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